No REALTOR®? Good Luck…

For Sale by Owner. For Sale Forever.

Many people think that selling their home on their own will save them money and get their home sold faster. Many For Sale by Owners turn to online real estate listing sites as the answer to all their problems. List the house and get offers, right? Simple as that. Well, they quickly find out that it takes much more to sell a home, and these websites aren’t reliable.


In reality, on average it takes 19 more days to sell your home by yourself than if you use a REALTOR®. In addition, 70 percent of For Sale by Owners say they have significant difficulty selling. There are many reasons for this. The process is complicated and knowing all the right steps can take years of training and experience. Selling your home also takes a lot of time and effort, from listing the home and fielding the abundance of questions about it to negotiating contracts and handling the closing process. On average, selling a home required 52 touchpoints between a seller and potential buyers. Do you have that kind of time?


The quickest, easiest and most reliable answer to selling your home is a REALTOR®. When you enlist the help of an expert, the process is much smoother because you have the dedicated and knowledgeable support you need to sell it the right way. REALTORS® devote their time and experience to you, getting to know you, your needs and helping you make the right decisions when it comes to offers and contracts. Why waste time trying to sell by yourself when you can have a professional do it for you the right way?


Selling your home can be quick, simple and stress-free. To get started, find your own personal, hard-working and committed REALTOR®.